Lately a few of my friends have started their own blogs, so I figure, eh, why not?  I love to write, and I have some pretty profound ideas, if I do say so myself.  Also, I desperately, desperately want to fit in with the cool kids.  Seriously–I went through a phase where every Thursday at work, I would wear the exact same shirt as my pal Adam (one of the A’s from Road Rage with A&A).  Good thing I grew out of that phase.  And by “grew out of that phase,” I mean the hole in the armpit of my shirt got so big that my girlfriend refused to be seen in public with me wearing it, so I had to trash it.  Psh… women.

So this is it: my first step into the blogosphere*.  I can’t tell you how excited I am right now.  Seriously, I think I just peed myself a little bit, I’m so excited.  I just want to welcome everybody to my brand new blog.  This is just gonna be a place for me to talk about whatever’s going on in my life.  If my life seems interesting to you, that’s great, I’m glad to have you here.  If not, that’s okay too, it’s not gonna hurt my feelings if you don’t like my blog.  But seriously, if you don’t like my blog there’s obviously something wrong with you, and you should seek some sort of professional help, because my life is awesome.  You know those beer commercials about “the most interesting man in the world”?  The actor they cast doesn’t do me justice, but those commercials were written about me.   I’m not even kidding–sharks actually have a week dedicated to me on their version of the Discovery Channel.  True story.

Anyway, a little more about myself.  I’m 22 years old, and I’m about halfway college educated.  As I mentioned earlier, my life is awesome.  I’ve got a good job, some good friends, a great family, and an amazing girlfriend.  What else could a guy ask for?  I don’t take much of anything seriously, least of all myself.  Life’s way too short to stress out about stupid crap.  Two of my biggest pet peeves are people who complain all the time and people who take themselves too seriously.  You’ve got to be able to laugh at yourself, otherwise you’ll drive yourself crazy.  And in my case, I’ve got plenty to laugh about.

Well, that’ll about wrap up this intro blog.  Don’t worry, there’ll be more where this came from.  I’ll be back when the day is new, and I’ll have more ideas for you.  And you’ll have things you’ll want to talk about… I will too.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go change my sweater.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: If I ever, EVER start using words like “blogosphere,” somebody hit me with something.  I am not that guy.  It’s okay this time because I’m being ironic.