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Astronomy has always been an interest of mine (I know, I’m a nerd), and I’ve always wondered what the universe is like outside our solar system. Are we alone here? Is there intelligent life outside our planet?

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It’s official – I’ve made it through two full weeks of this craziness. It’s not getting any easier, but I can tell that I’m getting better. I took the fitness test yesterday, and although I didn’t take it when I started Insanity like I should have (I know, I know, I just forgot), I compared my results with my results at the 2-week mark last time I did Insanity, and for the most part they were a little better. The fitness test consists of 8 workouts, and you get a minute to do each of them. You get around a minute and a half to rest in between each. The fitness test isn’t quite as tough as one of the regular workouts, but it’s still pretty tough. So without further ado, here are my results after two weeks:

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Just call the game, Blue!

Lately there has been a lot of talk around Major League Baseball about umpires. Last year a few key blown calls during the postseason had fans up in arms, and last month Jim Joyce made headlines after his blown call cost Armando Galarraga a perfect game. There have been plenty of other bad calls lately that have brought umpires into the spotlight, but that’s not the spotlight I’m here to talk about.

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The other day, I was lying in bed when I decided that I had to go to the bathroom. I reluctantly got up and started walking that direction, but before I even made it out my bedroom door and into to the hallway, I realized that without thinking about it, I had already taken my pants off. You probably could have gone without hearing that little anecdote, but it really got me thinking: a lot has changed in the few months that I’ve been living alone.

I’m so conditioned to living alone that I remove articles of my clothing while walking through the apartment without so much as a second thought – half the time without even consciously realizing that I’m doing it (you’ll think twice about barging in unannounced now, eh Maintenance Guy?). Of all the changes I’ve had to make since moving in here, I consider that one a change for the better (you may disagree with me here), but it started me thinking about all the positive and negative changes I’ve made since moving out on my own.

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INSANITY: Day 8 or so…

I’m gonna be perfectly honest here – I’m not sure what day I’m on. I think this is technically the first day of week 2, but I”m not exactly following the schedule to the letter. I know I’ve been slacking on the updates, but I’ve done a few workouts since the last time I posted an update. Updating my blog after every workout seems to be getting a little excessive, so I think I’m gonna back it off to every few days.

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Yesterday was Day 5 of Insanity, and let me tell you… this one was tough. I found the DVD I had been missing, called Cardio Power and Resistance, and part of me is a little upset that I found it.

From the very beginning, I could tell this workout was gonna be bad. The warm-up begins like normal, with 30 seconds of jogging in place, but after that, rather than 30 seconds of jumping jacks like in the other workouts, this one goes into power jacks, which are essentially jumping jacks, but you go into a low squat position every time your arms are down. Later on in the warm-up, where the other workouts have you doing an exercise called mummy kicks (you hold your arms out parallel to the floor and alternate one hand above the other, while alternating kicking forward with your left and right feet… yeah, it’s tough to explain), this one has vertical jumps, which are exactly what they sound like: you bend at the knees and jump as high as you can, then repeat for 30 seconds. It’s tougher than it sounds.

Anyway, the point is this workout kicked my butt. I know I said that the other ones kicked my butt, but that was before I did Cardio Power & Resistance. I mean it this time – this one REALLY kicked my butt. It’s all about power, and exercises that are designed to build power are tough. Very tough. A lot of them involved jumping from a squat position, and I don’t know if you’ve ever tried this, but it hurts… a lot. It’s a good hurt, the type that lets you know how hard you’re working, but it still hurts.

There was also a lot of upper body work involved, especially variations of push-ups. There’s the moving push-up (with each rep, you use your arms to sort of crawl to the left, then back to the right), the V push-up (your butt is way up in the air so your body is shaped like a V, and you do the push-ups with your fingers facing each other to work your shoulders), and the ball push-up (you curl into a weird shaped ball and do push-ups to work your triceps). It’s more upper body than I’ve gotten used to doing with Insanity, but it still feels good. Well, it feels good now… at the time, I wanted to die a little bit.

So I managed to survive this workout, but barely. I did it last night around 9, but my legs and arms still feel a little weak. But it’s okay, I don’t mind it. It just shows me how hard I worked last night. I may be sore, but I’m looking forward to today’s workout – after this, I get an off day!

If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s people who complain all the time. You know who I’m talking about: those folks who never have anything positive to say about anything, but feel the need to chime in at any given time about how terrible their lives are. Odds are you know at least a few of these people. You might even be one, for all I know. But every time I hear one of these people talk, this is all I see:


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I just finished day 3 of my INSANITY workouts, and let me tell you, I am feeling it. I can’t find the DVD for the workout I was supposed to do today, so I just repeated the workout from day 1, Plyometric Cardio Circuit. What’s cool is that I can tell it’s getting a little easier (“a little” being the key word). I made it through all 10 minutes of the warm-up without taking a break. This is the first time I’ve been able to do that since starting back, so I was pretty happy about that. The past 2 days, I’ve had to extend the water breaks from 30 seconds to a minute after each set, but today I made it through two sets before I had to take a longer break. Baby steps, I know, but it’s an accomplishment for me. I’m looking at this in a positive way: if I’m making this kind of progress this early on, imagine what sort of performance I’ll be seeing in a week, or a month, or 57 days from now when I’m done with this insanity (pun intended).

One thing I’ve noticed is that I haven’t seemed to have much energy since I started. I think part of the problem is that not long before I started this workout program, I decided to try to eat less, so I might not be eating enough food to keep my body fueled for this. I need to start eating 6 small meals per day… I’ve done that before, and I always have a lot more energy when I do. Since I got paid today (yay!), I think I’ll run to WalMart tonight and pick up some protein bars to eat for snacks in between meals. I’ve also cut way back on the amount of soda I’ve been drinking… I think my body is missing its fix of caffeine, which is probably making me more tired. The problem is, my solution to that is usually to drink a Dr Pepper or a Mountain Dew to help keep me awake through the wee hours of the morning at work. Maybe eating 6 times a day will give me more energy so I won’t be tempted to do that anymore.

Oh, I’ve got some “before” pictures that I took the day I started… I’ve been meaning to upload them, but I keep forgetting. I know everybody wants to see that. I want to take pictures every 2 weeks or so to prove that I’m making some real progress.

The Second Amendment to our Constitution reads as follows:

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

That one little sentence may be the source of more debate than any other issue in the entire Constitution. Gun control has become a very hot topic lately. The pro-gun camp demands the right to own firearms to protect themselves, while the anti-gun folks say they won’t be able to protect themselves at all while people are carrying guns around. Both sides have arguments they love to throw around, like crime statistics, and the ambiguous wording and the original intended meaning of the Second Amendment.

I think the founding fathers were pretty clear on the issue of bear arms

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Week 1, Day 2:
2 days down, 58 to go

I had forgotten what pain was. I had forgotten what it was like to wake up in the morning to the feeling of your body screaming “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME?!” ¬†Well, I was reminded today when I woke up and tried to move. The soreness hit me like a ton of bricks as soon as I opened my eyes. But it’s all right… to be honest, I kind of like the feeling. It reminds me how hard I worked.

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