So begins my 2-month journey toward less weight, better health, and a sexy bod. I’m working my way through Insanity, a workout program from Beachbody. It’s a 60 day DVD workout system that focuses on cardio, and is supposed to be the toughest workout video program around. I’ll also be throwing in strength training at the gym 3 days a week. I’ll be updating my progress on this blog at least every few days, if not every day. I’ve tried this workout program before, and I’ve always found an excuse to quit a few weeks in. That’s not gonna happen this time… but I’ll need your help. If I haven’t posted an update in a few days, remind me! Bug me until I give in and post about my workout. Because the only way I’m gonna keep at this is if I know I’ve got somebody who’s reading this and expecting to see my results.

So, on to the workout. The first day’s workout is entitled “Plyometric Cardio Circuit.” Even the name sounds ominous, and let me tell you… it lives up to its name. If you’re not familiar with Insanity, every workout starts with a warm-up. The warm-up begins with 3 minutes and 30 seconds of relatively easy (notice I said “relatively”) exercises, followed by another 3 minutes and 30 seconds of the same exercises, followed by ANOTHER 3 minutes and 30 seconds of the same exercises. Without a break. The WARM-UP is 10 and a half minutes of straight cardio, no rest, no water break, nothing. The first time I did an Insanity workout, the warm-up alone was one of the best cardio workouts I had ever gotten in my life. And those are the easy exercises.

After the warm-up, you get a 30 second water break, then you launch into the stretch. The stretch is about 7 minutes long, and it’s no picnic. It’s mainly a lower body stretch, because this is mainly a lower body program. I always thought the stretch was supposed to be a little break from the workout, but not here. It’s not as strenuous as the actual exercises, but it still makes me sweat like crazy.

All right, the stretch is over, on to the real workout. The stretch and the warm-up are pretty much the same every day; this is where it switches up. Today’s workout was interval training–periods of intense exercise, followed by a short rest. It starts with 3 sets of between a minute and a half and 3 minutes of exercises, with a 30 second rest in between each. After those 3 sets, you get 3 more sets of different workouts. When you finish, you raise your hands in the air in triumph at the monumental feat you’ve just accomplished–assuming you’ve still got the strength to lift your arms.

I think I did pretty well for my first day. I had to take a few breaks during the warm-up, but that’s gonna happen til I build up some endurance. I had to skip a few exercises near the end, because my legs were wobbling and felt like they were about to give out. Let me tell ya, that’s a scary feeling, but it’s one I’ve had to get used to while doing Insanity. The workouts SUCK, but you just can’t beat the feeling of accomplishment I get once I finish, knowing I just conquered this insane workout.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with my first day back on Insanity. I’ve still got that awesome post-workout feeling going on… seriously, this should be motivation enough to keep me working out. Which is good, because I’m gonna need all the motivation I can get to keep going for the next 60 days. But I’ll be honest with you, I’m actually looking forward to tomorrow’s workout.

So anyway… I guess that’s it for this post. 1 day down, 59 to go.