It’s official – I’ve made it through two full weeks of this craziness. It’s not getting any easier, but I can tell that I’m getting better. I took the fitness test yesterday, and although I didn’t take it when I started Insanity like I should have (I know, I know, I just forgot), I compared my results with my results at the 2-week mark last time I did Insanity, and for the most part they were a little better. The fitness test consists of 8 workouts, and you get a minute to do each of them. You get around a minute and a half to rest in between each. The fitness test isn’t quite as tough as one of the regular workouts, but it’s still pretty tough. So without further ado, here are my results after two weeks:

Switch Kicks – 56

For this move, you hold your arms up by your chest, and alternate kicking each leg out 90 degrees from your body. My legs didn’t quite make it up 90 degrees near the end, but I did what I could.

Power Jacks – 48

This move is basically a jumping jack, but when your arms are down, you hop down to a low squat position. Let me tell ya – this one hurts the ol’ quads.

Power Knees – 74

This move is a little weird. You start with your front leg bent, your back leg straight, and your arms up above your head. You bring your back knee up and your hands down until they meet near your stomach. It’s tough to explain, and just as tough to do.

Power Jumps – 34

I hate this move. You start in a squat position, then jump up as high as you can, and as you jump, you lift your knees up and touch them with your hands. As you land, you go back into a squat position, and repeat. I’m sure it’s a great move to build power, but it’s not fun to do.

Globe Jumps – 8

These are kinda fun. You start with your knees bent and your hands touching the floor. You jump up and to the right, then bend your knees and touch the floor again. Then you jump backwards, then left, and then forward, back to your starting point. Those 4 jumps equal 1 rep.

Suicide Jumps – 13

I hate these almost as much as I hate the power jumps. You start from a standing position, you hop down to a push-up position, then you jump back up off the ground. From here, you go back down to a push-up position, and it starts again. At this point in the test, you’re getting pretty tired, so this exercise (which is already hard enough on its own) is pretty darn tough.

Push-Up Jacks – 20

These are sort of a weird combination of a push-up and a jumping jack. You do a regular push-up, but when you’re in the down position, you hop so that your legs are wide. When you go up, you bring your legs back in. It’s a push-up that works your upper and lower body.

Low Plank Oblique – 19

By the time I got to the last exercise, I was just about out of gas. For this, you go into a push-up position, except your forearms are on the floor instead of your palms. Once you’re in this position, you bring one knee at a time up to your chest, working your obliques (hence the name).