The other day, I was lying in bed when I decided that I had to go to the bathroom. I reluctantly got up and started walking that direction, but before I even made it out my bedroom door and into to the hallway, I realized that without thinking about it, I had already taken my pants off. You probably could have gone without hearing that little anecdote, but it really got me thinking: a lot has changed in the few months that I’ve been living alone.

I’m so conditioned to living alone that I remove articles of my clothing while walking through the apartment without so much as a second thought – half the time without even consciously realizing that I’m doing it (you’ll think twice about barging in unannounced now, eh Maintenance Guy?). Of all the changes I’ve had to make since moving in here, I consider that one a change for the better (you may disagree with me here), but it started me thinking about all the positive and negative changes I’ve made since moving out on my own.

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